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Reasons To Regularly Track Your Business’ File System Activity

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Some employers are hesitant to monitor activity on employees’ user names due to privacy concerns. However, file system activity auditing can be an important part of a business’s IT security plan for several reasons. Here are some of the most important causes for tracking activity on your servers.  Better IT Support File access logs can be a great tool for your IT team in case a server goes down or a software feature isn’t working correctly. They let the team know which files have been updated or moved recently, and which files your employees were using at the time of a crash. These helpful diagnostic clues are most useful if you’re tracking them all along, so setting up a monitoring system ahead of time is helpful.  Tracking for Data Breaches Another benefit of monitoring activity is that you may be able to detect when a data breach is occurring. If a certain set of files is being accessed in an unusual way, such as a large number of times in a short time period, then you may have a breach on your hands. If you turn this data over to your IT team, they will be better able to track and prevent these breaches from occurring.  Root Out Bad Employee Behavior Yes, data tracking can also be used to uncover bad employee behavior. Whether employees are accessing files they are not supposed to or using the computers for their own personal motives, it’s important to find these activities out in order to stop the drain on employee productivity and to keep your servers up and running without lag-time. If you make it a policy to regularly do file system activity auditing, it can act as a great deterrent to keep employees from bad habits in the first place. In other words, you don’t need to arouse suspicion in employees if you make it a matter of protocol to check activity every few months.  It’s Easy to Set Up With advances in technology, setting up an activity tracking system is fairly easy. Some models of operating systems have tracking tools already in place that let you keep track of when a file was opened. There are also many third party software systems that can help you keep track of these files in convenient graphic forms. Speak to an IT professional about your options for data activity monitoring so that you can take advantage of these business benefits.  Go to websites like this one to learn more about activity...

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What to Look For When Buying iPhone Insurance

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Are you thinking about switching over to an iPhone or upgrading to a newer iPhone model? If so, you have likely thought about buying insurance for your new phone. If you have plans to shop for a third-party insurance policy for your phone, then there are a few things to consider before selecting an insurance company. To ensure your new iPhone is protected, you will want to seek a policy that offers these things: Lost or Stolen Phone Coverage Many phone companies may offer coverage for lost or stolen phones. Though there may be an added fee for this coverage it is definitely worth investing into, as this can save you from having to pay the full retail price for a new, replacement phone. So, when searching for coverage for your new iPhone, definitely seek one that offers coverage for this sort of issue. Screen Damage Repair The front of your iPhone is practically one big touch screen. This means if your phone were to fall, there is a great chance that your screen will become cracked or damage, which can prevent your phone from being operational. Because this a likely event, it is important to seek coverage that will allow you to receive a free screen or one at very little cost. This will help you to keep your iPhone without having to pay top dollar for a brand new screen, which can be very expensive if you have to obtain one directly from the manufacturer. Low Deductibles Some phone insurance companies may have a premium charge when it comes to their deductible rates. This can be very confusing, as you may need to spend close to the retail cost of your phone just to use your insurance coverage, which can sometimes make sense. But to ensure you are not stuck having to pay close to retail price to utilize your coverage, definitely be sure to find a phone coverage that has very low deductible rates. This will allow you to pay a fraction of what your phone cost so you can receive a new one or obtain repairs without paying almost as much as a new phone. With these benefits and coverages, you will be able to improve your investment on your new iPhone and avoid having to worry about paying out of pocket for a brand new phone if your current one becomes damaged, lost, or defective. So, before you purchase your iPhone insurance, definitely be sure to seek a provider that offers coverage for the aforementioned...

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Computer Problems? Remote Repair May Be the Answer

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Consumers today rely on a variety of electronic devices each day. Few devices play as central a role in the lives of American consumers than computers. Whether you have a laptop or a desktop, maintaining your equipment is essential when it comes to performance. If you have been having computer problems, then investing in a remote repair service may be beneficial. Here are three reasons why you should consider hiring a remote technician to make the necessary repairs your computer needs. 1. A remote technician allows you to schedule repairs when it’s convenient for you. Between your employment and family responsibilities, it can be difficult to carve out time in the day to take your computer to a repair shop. Taking time off work to complete this task isn’t an option for many workers, and your lunch hour might not be long enough to accommodate running an errand. When you invest in remote repair services, a technician can access your computer any time, day or night. This gives you the opportunity to schedule your computer repairs at a time that is convenient for you, rather than having to rearrange your schedule to accommodate a repair shop. 2. Remote repair services can be more affordable. Statistics show that roughly a third of Americans have no emergency money in their savings account. If finances are a concern in your household, paying for much needed computer repairs could require you to take money from somewhere else in your budget. Choosing to invest in remote repair services can help you save money on your computer repairs. With local technicians you will pay for a lot of non-service time because you will be paying for the time it takes a technician to drive to and from your home. Since remote technicians don’t have to physically travel to your home, you eliminate non-service travel expenses. 3. Remote repair services can help keep your family safe. Whenever you invite a service technician into your home, you run the risk of becoming the victim of a crime. Repair technicians are often complete strangers, and protecting your family can be difficult when you invite someone whose background is unknown to you into your home. Remote technicians access your computer from a remote location using specialized software programs. This means the technician never physically enters your home, ensuring the safety of your family. Keeping your computer equipment working properly is important. By investing in remote computer repair services, you make contracting computer repairs more convenient, reduce the cost of needed repairs, and prevent a stranger from entering your...

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3 Tips For Managing A Home Equity Line Of Credit

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A home equity line of credit (HELOC) is an easy way to gain funds when you need them, but if you mismanage your HELOC you can end up in debt with nothing to show for it. Don’t confuse a HELOC with a home equity loan; with a loan you borrow a lump sum and pay it back over a set time period with a fixed interest rate, while a HELOC can be thought of more like a credit card, where you have a certain amount of credit available to be used for a fixed amount of years. Use the following tips to ensure that you manage your HELOC wisely: Don’t Use Your HELOC for Frivolous Purchases During the recent housing bubble, many homeowners found the amount of equity in their home skyrocket, and a lot of people immediately applied for a HELOC. Unfortunately, many people used the available funds to purchase things such boats, big televisions, and cars, or to fund gambling or vacations. You are allowed to spend the money from your HELOC any way you wish, but using it frivolously will just put you in to debt with nothing to show for it. A smarter way to use your HELOC is to pay off credit cards that have a high interest rate, or to make improvements to your home that add value and will have a good rate of return on your investment. Make Sure You Understand How Payments on a HELOC Work Coming into a large line of credit via a HELOC can be exciting, but it is essential to understand how your payments will work so you can plan and budget accordingly. Typically, you will be required to make small, interest-only payments during the years that the HELOC is open. At the end of the HELOC term, the account will close, and you will be responsible for paying off the principal in a set amount of years. Interest rates fluctuate according to market conditions, but they are typically lower than the interest rates of a home equity loan. If you want to save money on interest, plan on making more than the minimum payment due while the line of credit is open so the principal goes down. Utilize Home Equity Line of Credit Software There are many home equity line of credit software programs on the market that can make it incredibly easy to manage your HELOC. These programs automatically audit your HELOC to ensure that the bank’s computer does not make any errors; all you have to do is input a few pieces of information from your loan statement, and the software will do the rest. Many line of credit software programs also track interest rates, show how you can pay off your HELOC sooner, and provide a break down of the true cost of your...

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