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Three Ways To Prepare For A Total Shutdown Of Your Small Business Website

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If you run a small business, especially through the internet, you know how vital your website is to business. Having a website with the proper search engine optimization, social engagement, and findability on the Internet will bring you more business. You also know that you will need to have number of different methods for reaching customers, in case your main method goes down. As a business owner, you will need to have internet access through a tablet, a phone, and a computer for safety. The one thing that is harder to plan for is a complete shut down of your website. If your website goes down, this spells disaster for you and your business completely. Here are three ways to prepare for a shutdown so that you can get your business back up.  Order virtual disaster recovery software There is no bigger virtual disaster than your business website and the computer and database with all of your information going down. The only solution to such a big issue is to have a virtual disaster recovery software already set up and on hand. Virtual disaster recovery software will allow you to migrate your website from a backup server or the cloud and bring the website back online.  Email forwarding If you use an email associated with your domain name, you may not be able to access the email if the website has gone down. For this reason, you should set up forwarding to a popular email service. This means that all emails that go to your website will also be forwarded to another email address. In the event that your website is down, you will be able to send and answer emails. This will be crucial if you need to connect with clients in order to run your business or if customers need to check on their orders.  An 800 number or an answering machine Though many small business owners will operate from their own cellular phone or your store’s phone, this can become overwhelming if you have issues with your website. Your phone numbers may start ringing non-stop if people panic from your website being down. Plan for this in advance by having an 800 number that you give to clients or customers. this way, if you are in the process of getting your website back on track you can direct calls from your toll-free 800 number to a professional answering machine while you get your website back up.  For more information, talk to a professional like...

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Planning on Data Migration? Timing Is Everything

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If you need to perform a data migration operation within your company, it is important to remember that timing is everything. You want the data migration process to run smoothly; if it doesn’t, you could compromise your ability to run your business. Here are three aspects that you need to think through when you’re planning data migration.  #1 Make Sure You Have Access to Systems When getting ready to do a data migration project for your business, you need to make sure that the company performing the task will be able to access the entire system. They will need to get administrative access to all of your systems, and they’ll need to know how to access each system that you use. Be sure to budget some time for getting them this access. #2 Test the Data Process Before getting ready for the full data migration process, plan some time to test the process. You are going to want to run a small test on where the data will be transferred and then verify the transfer to be accurate and approved by the appropriate person. This will help you test both the migration system and the quality-check system. Make sure that you know who will manually check all the date and who should sign off on each test for all the different types of data that your system will be transferring.  #3 Clean up Your Data You don’t want to migrate duplicate data or inconsistent data to your new system. Just like before you move to a new house, it is always a good idea to clean up and get rid of things you won’t need at your new location. Set aside a significant amount of time to go through all of your data and remove data that you don’t need. Although this step will add time to the overall project, it will help ensure that the new system will not be cluttered and will work even more efficiently than the system that you currently have in place.  Before beginning the data migration process, make sure that you fix all data integrity issues, get rid of duplicate data, set up access to all systems, and develop a checks and balance system for testing and verifying the data migration process. A data migration support team like Famsoft can help you with all of those things and give your more information about how to prepare for data...

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3 Signs That You Should Completely Reset Your Computer

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There are a few different ways that you can completely reset or restore a computer, such as by using the recovery disk that came with it and going through the prompts on Windows. Another idea is to hire a professional, who can wipe out your computer, install any software that you want on it and otherwise get your computer working like new. Either way, there are a few situations in which you may want to completely reset your computer. These are some of the situations. 1. Your Computer is Really Sluggish and Slow Have you noticed that your computer is really sluggish and slow? It might have too many software programs on it that aren’t being used but that are taking up memory, or there could be other issues. Either way, instead of assuming that you will need to replace your computer so that you can purchase a newer and faster model, you may want to consider resetting it. Then, it might just be as fast as it was when it was brand new. 2. Your Computer Has a Virus There are so many ways that you can get a virus on your computer, such as by downloading the wrong file or visiting the wrong website. Regardless, viruses can cause your computer to freeze up, cause programs to start running when you don’t want them to and so much more. They can also put your personal information at risk. Taking your computer to a professional to get rid of any viruses and to reset the computer can help you get a fresh start after becoming the victim of a virus, however. 3. You Have Purchased a Used Computer Buying a used computer is a good way to save money, but you don’t want to be stuck with someone else’s old problems. Having your computer reset after buying it used can help get rid of any software programs, files or other things that might be on the computer due to its previous owner, which can allow you to start out much like if you had a brand new computer. As you can see, there are various situations in which you should completely reset your computer. If you think that any of these three situations applies to you or your PC or Mac, consider talking to a computer repair specialist who can help you reset your computer back to its original factory...

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Reasons To Regularly Track Your Business’ File System Activity

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Some employers are hesitant to monitor activity on employees’ user names due to privacy concerns. However, file system activity auditing can be an important part of a business’s IT security plan for several reasons. Here are some of the most important causes for tracking activity on your servers.  Better IT Support File access logs can be a great tool for your IT team in case a server goes down or a software feature isn’t working correctly. They let the team know which files have been updated or moved recently, and which files your employees were using at the time of a crash. These helpful diagnostic clues are most useful if you’re tracking them all along, so setting up a monitoring system ahead of time is helpful.  Tracking for Data Breaches Another benefit of monitoring activity is that you may be able to detect when a data breach is occurring. If a certain set of files is being accessed in an unusual way, such as a large number of times in a short time period, then you may have a breach on your hands. If you turn this data over to your IT team, they will be better able to track and prevent these breaches from occurring.  Root Out Bad Employee Behavior Yes, data tracking can also be used to uncover bad employee behavior. Whether employees are accessing files they are not supposed to or using the computers for their own personal motives, it’s important to find these activities out in order to stop the drain on employee productivity and to keep your servers up and running without lag-time. If you make it a policy to regularly do file system activity auditing, it can act as a great deterrent to keep employees from bad habits in the first place. In other words, you don’t need to arouse suspicion in employees if you make it a matter of protocol to check activity every few months.  It’s Easy to Set Up With advances in technology, setting up an activity tracking system is fairly easy. Some models of operating systems have tracking tools already in place that let you keep track of when a file was opened. There are also many third party software systems that can help you keep track of these files in convenient graphic forms. Speak to an IT professional about your options for data activity monitoring so that you can take advantage of these business benefits.  Go to websites like this one to learn more about activity...

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